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Shortly before, the first death in the United States from the novel corona virus had been reported

Shortly before, the first death in the United States from the novel corona virus had been reported

The body parts were first brought to the American military base in Osan in South Korea, where an official repatriation ceremony is to be held on August 1st.

Both countries chose the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement to end the Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953, for the handover. US President Donald Trump thanked North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un via Twitter. “After so many years, this will be a big moment for many families,” wrote Trump.

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With the transfer of the remains, an agreement at the meeting between Trump and Kim on June 12 in Singapore will be fulfilled. Kim had also confirmed his readiness for nuclear disarmament, but did not give a specific timetable for it.

The White House recognized North Korea’s handover of the body parts as a sign of “positive change”. The transfer also represents the first step in resuming the search for the remains of some “5300 Americans in North Korea who have not yet come home”. Between 1996 and 2005, US teams had already excavated the remains of more than 220 soldiers in the isolated country – but the operation was interrupted by the US in 2005 due to security concerns. Around 33,000 US soldiers died in the Korean War, and more than 8,000 were missing.

Forensic experts are now to investigate in the next few weeks whether the body parts handed over can be partially assigned and whether they are actually former American soldiers. The remains are said to be flown to Hawaii for further investigations under the direction of the competent authority for the repatriation of prisoners of war and missing soldiers.

South and North Korea meanwhile agreed on new military talks at the general level. At the meeting on Tuesday in the border town of Panmunjom, the focus was on steps towards military relaxation on the inner-Korean border, it said. At military talks in June, the two sides agreed, among other things, to completely restore their military communications lines.

Recently, South Korea’s pop scene has been rocked by scandals. Now two stars of the K-pop scene have to go to jail for rape and other offenses.

The judge in the case in the Seoul Central District Court found the two singers guilty of sex crimes, including rape of women, on Friday, the national news agency Yonhap and South Korean newspapers reported. The 30-year-old boy received a six-year prison sentence, the one year younger Choi a five-year prison sentence. They must also take part in a therapy program for sex offenders.

Jung, who has become known as a singer and also as an actor in TV series, was also convicted of secretly recording videos of sex partners. He had used social media to later share the recordings with friends in a group chat.123helpme.me The singer had announced his resignation from show business due to the allegations. Like Choi, a former member of the boy band FT Island, Jung had denied the rape allegations.

“Jung and Choi have taken advantage of their status as K-Pop stars”

Both were accused of participating in the gang rape of women who were believed to have been drunk at the time of the crime three years ago. “Jung and Choi have used their status as K-pop stars to lure the victims, young women hoping to make their debut in the entertainment industry,” the judge was quoted as saying by The Korea Times newspaper.

South Korea’s pop scene has recently been shaken by a few scandals. For example, the former singer Seungri from the boy band BigBang is being investigated on charges of having paid prostitutes for potential investors. 

She died at the age of 28: K-pop singer Goo Ha-ra found dead Cyber ​​bullying: K-pop singer Sulli found dead at 25 Jonghyun is dead: K-pop star dies at 27

 K-Pop is primarily associated with girl groups such as Girls’ Generation and boy bands such as BTS. The musicians usually look very stylish, which usually supports their smoothly polished image.

Mourning the K-pop singer Goo Ha-ra. The musician was found dead in her apartment in Seoul, South Korea. She was only 28 years old.

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Musician Goo Ha-ra, also known as Hara, is dead. The former member of the girl band Kara from South Korea died when she was just 28 years old. The cause of death is still unclear at the current time, as reported by the newspaper “Variety”.

K-Pop stands for Korean Popular Music and describes a music genre that has developed in South Korea since the 1990s. There are now K-Pop groups, such as the boy band BTS, which are known worldwide. 

Goo Ha-ra was reportedly found dead in her home on Sunday. She last contacted her fans on Instagram on Friday by sharing a photo of herself lying in bed. She simply wrote: “Good night!” Under this post, Goo Ha-ras supporters now mourn the musician and actress. 

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Goo Ha-ra reportedly tried to commit suicide in March this year but was rushed to the hospital on time. At the time, she was blackmailed by an ex-boyfriend with a sex video. Then there was stress with her management. In the summer she found a new agency in Japan and was a welcome guest on Japanese TV shows and fashion events. She only released her new single “Midnight Queen” on November 13th. Goo Ha-ra was good friends with K-pop singer Sulli, whose suicide caused a shock in October.

Cyber ​​bullying: K-pop singer Sulli found dead at the age of 25 Jonghyun is dead: K-pop star dies at the age of 27

From 2008 to 2015 Goo Ha-ra was part of the five-piece K-pop band Kara. After leaving, she released her first record as a solo artist in July 2015. Again and again she appeared in TV productions and films. 

Note: If you think a lot about your own death or worry about someone else, you will find help here immediately and anonymously.

Sources used: Variety: K-Pop Star Goo Hara Dead at 28 (engl.) Instagram: Profile of Goo Ha-ra

Washington (AP) – After the first death from the novel corona virus became known in the country, the USA advised against traveling to the affected regions in Italy and South Korea.


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The travel advice has been tightened to the highest level four, as US Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday (local time) in the White House in Washington. In addition, new restrictions would be imposed on Iran. Foreigners who have been in Iran in the past 14 days are no longer allowed to enter the USA. On behalf of President Donald Trump, Pence heads the Working Group on Combating the Coronavirus in the White House. Americans should exercise particular caution in Europe at the moment, Trump said a short time later in a speech.

Shortly before, the first death in the United States from the novel corona virus had been reported. There was initially confusion about the exact identity of the victim: Trump said at a press conference in the White House that it was a woman in her late 50s in Washington State. Shortly thereafter, Jeff Duchin, the Seattle and King County’s health officer, said at a telephone press conference for the CDC that it was a man in his late 50s. CDC Director Robert Redfield later said on Twitter that the CDC was briefing the victim previously “mistakenly” identified as a woman for Trump and Pence.

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How the man got infected is still completely unclear, said health officer Duchin. “We don’t see any connections at this point.” But he had previously had health problems.

In addition, the number of known cases of infection with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen in the USA has risen to 22, said Nancy Messonier, head of the department for immunization and respiratory diseases at the CDC health authority. “The preliminary information increases our concern about the imminent threat to certain groups in the United States.” Health Minister Alex Azar had previously said: “The risk remains low. But that can change quickly.” Azar added, “We will see more cases.”

Two provisionally confirmed cases in a nursing home in Washington state caused particularly great concern, as the responsible health officer Duchin said. It was a member of the nursing staff and a woman around 70 years old. In addition, many other nurses and patients complained of symptoms. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we find more cases,” said Duchin. “Controlling an outbreak in a facility where there are so many vulnerable people is an amazing job.”

It was only on Friday that the US State Department raised the travel advice for all of Italy to level three because of the spread of the corona virus: Unnecessary trips should therefore be reconsidered. Trump’s government had previously issued travel restrictions to China, which continue to apply. Foreigners who have visited the country in the past 14 days are also not allowed to enter from there.

According to the CDC health authority, infections with Sars-CoV-2 had been detected in 15 people in the United States by Friday. There were another 47 cases in US citizens brought back to the United States from Japan or China. Trump announced that he would meet with representatives of pharmaceutical companies in the White House on Monday.

Trump has tried so far to downplay the issue. The president repeatedly stressed that the US is prepared for the virus. CDC’s Messonnier said Tuesday that it was less a question of whether the virus would spread in the United States, but rather when it would happen. Trump, on the other hand, stressed on Wednesday that he did not think that spread in the US was inevitable.

Trump is also trying to avoid further losses in the already badly shaken stock markets through his statements. The President is aiming for his re-election in November and is promoting the economic situation in the USA in particular.

The spread of the novel corona virus has led to another sporting event being relocated. The Saber World Cup planned for March 6th to 8th in Padua, Italy, will be held in Tauberbischofsheim. The German Fencing Association announced on Tuesday. The Olympic qualification tournament was “not feasible at this point in time in Italy,” said the national association’s announcement.

For the German quartet of national coach Vilmos Szabo, the last points for the Olympics in Tokyo in the summer are still important. With two remaining World Cups, the Germans have good prospects as fourth in the overall standings. Events such as the World Table Tennis Championships in South Korea had previously been canceled. In Italy, due to concerns about lung disease, Inter Milan’s Europa League game against Ludogorets Razgrad will take place in front of empty stands. Four Serie A games were canceled at the weekend. The Germany eight moved his training camp from Italy to Portugal.

Seoul (dpa) – The internationally celebrated South Korean boy group BTS has canceled its concert series planned for April in Seoul due to the outbreak of the infectious disease Covid-19 in its home country.

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It is impossible to predict how big the outbreak will be during the concert dates, said the agency of the seven-person group, Big Hit Entertainment, on Friday. The four planned concerts as part of the “Map of the Soul Tour” between April 11th and 19th in Seoul would therefore have to be canceled. The money for the tickets will be refunded.

The concerts in the South Korean capital should be the start of the group’s world tour. The first of numerous shows by the boy group in the USA is scheduled for April 25th. Until September she is also to appear in some European countries and in Japan. Two concerts are planned for July in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.


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In South Korea, most cases of infection with the novel coronavirus have been reported outside of China, where the lung disease broke out in December.


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